Intercession Quotes

“The Church has not yet touched the fringe of the possibilities of intercessory prayer. Her largest victories will be witnessed when individual Christians everywhere come to recognize their priesthood unto God and day by day give themselves unto prayer.” (John Mott)

“To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them.” (John Calvin)

“Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men.” (Oswald Chambers)

“Jesus’ intercession for us is stronger than Satan’s accusation against us.” (Mike Bickle)

“God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.” (Oswald Chambers)

“Discernment is God’s call to Intercession, never to Faultfinding.” (Corrie Ten Boom)

“Prayer must be broad in its scope – it must plead for others. Intercession for others is the hallmark of all true prayer. When prayer is confined to self and to the sphere of one’s personal needs, it dies by reason of its littleness, narrowness and selfishness.” (Edward McKendree Bounds)

“All vital praying makes a drain on a man’s vitality. True intercession is a sacrifice, a bleeding sacrifice.” (John Henry Jowett)

“Our prayers lay the track down on which God’s power can come. Like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails.” (Watchman Nee)

“If you are an intercessor, you see many needs, but you will also see many answered prayers.” (Prophetic Crossroads)

“History belongs to the intercessors – those who believe and pray the future into being.” (Walter Wink)

“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.” (Author Unknown)

“Worship is agreeing with who God is, while Intercession is agreeing with what God promised to do.” (Author Unknown)

“Intercessory prayer might be defined as loving our neighbor on our knees.” (Charles Bent)

“Intercession is truly universal work for the Christian. No place is closed to intercessory prayer. No continent – no nation – no organization – no city – no office. There is no power on earth that can keep intercession out.” (Richard Halverson)

“The power of intercession is the fruit of intimacy. There’s no difference between the two.” (Corey Russel)

“Intercession is the most unselfish thing anyone can do.” (Paul Billheimer)

“The more time we spend in prayer interceding for those in authority; the more we are actually interceding for ourselves.” (Carol Helmick)

 “A Christian fellowship lives and exists by the intercession of its members for one another, or it collapses.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

“Intercession means raising ourselves up to the point of getting the mind of Christ regarding the person for whom we are praying.” (Oswald Chambers)

“Christ’s intercession is the continual application of His death to our salvation.” (John Calvin)

“Every kind of prayer, not intercessory prayer only, which is the highest kind of prayer, but all prayer, from the lowest kind to the highest, is impossible in a life of known and allowed sin.” (Alexander Whyte)